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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Baby Elsa is here!

Baby Elsa was born this evening at exactly 7pm, to loving parents Genia and Brian.

As their doula, I had the unique priviledge of witnessing the awesomely fierce birthing mama that Genia is.

After 12 hours of slow and reluctant labor, she entered active labor at 3pm this afternoon. When Brian called me to tell me labor seemed seriously on its way, around 5:30pm, I prepared to go to their home. As soon as I arrived Genia had the urge to push! We made it to the hospital with not a minute to spare, and the baby's head emerged just as Genia sat on the birthing bed.
Perfect, sweet baby girl, weighing in at 6tlbs 12 oz.

Congratulations, guys!

Here are some quick images I was able to capture:

Walking to the car, refraining from pushing:

Here she is!

Radiant mommy:

Getting weighed:

It's bright!

Tiny feet:

First hug:

Latched on!


Beautiful, happy parents and their new baby girl:


Kathy said...

Rynn and Henry have been awaiting their new buddy! What a great team! Beautiful, amazing, powerful...

the sernas said...

OMG! She managed to come on the day of your ICAN shoot!? hee hee hee! The universe is quite funny. She is gorgeous, how lucky they were to have you as their doula yesterday!

Elaine said...

I love the walking to the car picture. It is unique, and I love the memories that it will provide for the family "Oh yeah, I remember trying not to push right there" ;)

Emily said...

Congrats to all involved!! Thanks for sharing the photos...