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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Child portrait playdate fundraiser -- full!

Thanks to all interested!! In just a few days we have registered 36 children for this event, which is wonderful, and is at the limit of the available space. We are very grateful to everyone who can come, and everyone who has helped spread the word! I will contact the participats via email with more information.

Should there be further interest, I am willing to open an additional time slot for a few more families, on the morning of Tuesday, February 24th. Same ICAN fund raising process as described below. If you want to be part of it, send me an email as soon as possible at oana@shutterview.com.

For anyone else, I hope to stay in touch. Special offers are on the blog, and sent out via my e-newsletter. You can contact me to be added, by email or through my website, http://www.shutterview.com. (where you can also see my current list of products and services)

I look forward to the 21st! Stay tuned for highlights of that day, and let's hope for reasonable weather!

(what's a post without a picture? here is Mary at the same location where the fundraiser will take place -- hopefully the weather will be at least half as nice!)

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