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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Super Moon
{atlanta photography}

Tonight's Moon is closer by a little bit to the Earth than it's been since 1993 or so. The moon is at an average of 238,000 miles from the Earth. During the Super Moon, it will be 221,567 miles from the Earth. It being a full moon, on top of it, will make for a beautifully bright experience! Go see if you still can!

My pictures tonight are of a moody moon, bashful behind pear tree branches. (at the bottom below you can see a more "naked" view of the moon as seen on March 18th).
Enjoy! (did you know my undergraduate degree is in Astrophysics and Atomic physics? Always fascinating topics!)

the more orange images were taken earlier, the whiter ones later -- all in the span of about an hour. The positioning of the moons in the composite below is purely artistic :)


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