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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Happy March 1st!

March 1st celebrates the holiday of Martisor in Romania. Little symbolic talismans are gifted to girls and women, tied with a lucky red and white string. These are to be worn as broches for several days (above, Mary is holding a martisor showing a chimney sweeper, another sign of good luck, sent to us by one of our Romanian friends).

Also an early March tradition is "Babele" (the Old Ladies): pick one of the first nine days of March in advance, and its weather will represent your fortune in the current year.
This year I picked March 1st and today is a beautiful sunny day after a stormy night last night :)

Enjoy Spring, enjoy March, one of my favorite months!


Anonymous said...

Really stunning!!
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Veronica said...

La Multi Ani de Martisor from Romania! I'm an American Peace Corps Volunteer living in Romania and a college friend of Laura Scholz. I've seen her mention you several times in regards to your fantastic photography. I thought your name was quite Romanian but wasn't sure til I came across your blog. Just wanted to send happy thoughts from Romanian back home for "o primavara frumoasa!"