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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Summer trip (GA-MS-TX-CO-KS-MO-TN)

Here is our itinerary for our cross-country (so to speak) trip beginning July 16th! We'll arrive in Denver on the 21st, leave on August 2nd and return to Atlanta on August 8th, give or take.

If you or someone you know are along this route (Jackson MS, Dallas TX, Amarillo, TX, Denver CO, Salina KS (!), Saint Louis, MO, Nashville, TN) let me know and we can meet!

If you're a photographer, I would love to continue the Road Trip Pay-It-Forward tradition begun by John Michael Cooper and take a few pictures of your family!

If you're a family looking for a unique photo opportunity or you're someone seeking an hour of one-on-one photography instruction, email oana@shutterview.com and I will let you know of the very special offer I have for you!

So excited to be taking this trip, we already have several families and people we look forward to seeing along our route -- plus can't wait to spend these three weeks with my husband and kids (and more family and friends along the way!).

A picture from our previous trip to Colorado, 5 years ago! So much has changed, my Dad has passed, Mary is in our lives, this boy can now read:
colorado photography

1 comment:

Theresa said...

beautiful picture! Have a fun and exciting trip!