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Friday, August 1, 2008

Paying it forward

Today, we were photographed by the talented John Michael Cooper. He and his wife Dalisa are on a tour of the country, teaching their workshops. Along the way, they are offering "roadside portraits" to photographers and their families, inspired by the wonderful David Williams.

It is now my turn to photograph a photographer's family, in the spirit of this Pay It Forward project.

If you are a photographer in or around Atlanta, and would like to be my subject (together with your family), please send me an email, telling me when did you have the last pro photographs taken of your family, and any other reasons for which you'd be the perfect candidate.

I am looking to complete this session within the coming 30 days.

Looking forward to doing my part!

Here is a quick image I took today of JMC and the magic sofa during a quiet moment.