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Monday, March 10, 2008

Happy Birthday, Lily Sophia!

Little Lily entered this world gracefully and determinedly earlier this morning.

I was honored to be there as her mommy's doula. Lily is beautiful and alert and seems to enjoy life already -- may you have a love-filled, long and joyful life, sweet girl! You are born to very loving, wonderful parents.

Thank you, guys, for the privilege of witnessing this miracle. Congratulations to you both!

Michelle, your strength is beyond words.

Here is Lily, seconds after birth:

And a few minutes later:


Jon said...

Thank you for being there, Oana. We loved having you. I wasn't sold on having a doula...until I met you. Plan on being with us for the rest of them!

Oana Hogrefe said...

Thanks, Jon -- looking forward to it!