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Sunday, July 17, 2011

More from Romania
{travel vacation photography}

Some more randomly selected (and out-of-sequence) images from our trip to Romania -we are having a wonderful time with friends and family, every day!

Mary, talking up a storm while on a rowing boat ride in the Cismigiu Park:

My beautiful sister Anca (with some boiled corn which is an easy-to-find, great snack!)

the 4 cousins:

Mary at the fairground:

Evening excitement with Mary and Iris at yet another stunning playground in Bucharest:

Sweet and smart cousin Radu:
 Roy, after having just learned to swim, in one of the Black Sea's Phoenicia Holiday Resort's many pools!

 After having just landed at Bucharest's airport
 Tonight's storm coincided with the crows E-W-E daily migration across the city, here they are blown around by the strong winds, as seen from our condo:
 A pair of black swams on Herastrau lake:


Julie said...

Those swans are gorgeous. Never seen anything like that before.

Anonymous said...

The black swans are STUNNING! The main thing that strikes me about this post is that your family is growing up!!!!!! Tear!

Anonymous said...

This is Carrie, by the way!