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Thursday, February 10, 2011

{photography contest, color portraits}

You might have noticed by now, if you're familiar with my work, that I am in love with color :)
Especially where child portraits are concerned, I am moved by how color plays a role in defining the mood of an image, and highlighting the personality of the person in the portrait.

(not to say I don't love black and white imagery -- remember, I only photographed black and white film for many years in the beginning of my love affair with photography -- or even with vintage, muted shades; but colors, when doing their job well, stir my soul in a very special way).

That being said, here I share with you my entries to a recent portrait photographers' contest themed "Color".
Which one is your favorite, for this theme?


Life and times of a single mother said...

The little boy in the yarn basket!!!

Theresa said...

first one! Is that Sebastian?

Annie Warren Photography said...

Wow! Such gorgeous vibrant colours. I love it, especially the bubbles shot. You've gotta LOVE bubbles!