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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Create your own special offer!
{atlanta photography spring special}

Between now and June 1st (my husband's birthday) I am opening the floor to you, for suggestions for Father's Day packages.

Enter by commenting below ON THIS BLOG POST (even though you may have read this via twitter or Facebook, it's the blog comments that count).

On June 1st at 11pm, I will pick a winner -- the winner gets the special package they suggested at no cost! Additionally four of those winning packages will be made available for purchase! The first four people claiming them once I announce the winner get them BUT they must have been among they people who commented and entered a suggestion.

Make these suggestions count!

Keep in mind to specify:

expiration date (Sept or earlier ideal)
session duration
included products (if any; examples: prints, storyboards, books, canvases, woodmounts, polished digital files)

This could be a Father's Day package, or even a more versatile one -- let me hear what your wishes are!

My regular prices and product offerings are here, as usual - keep those in mind so the packages contain savings while staying achievable.

Pass the word around and may the most 'win-win' sugestion WIN :)

photography special offer atlanta


Bobbie Flick said...

Hi Oana,

I started a post and don't know if it posted or not...I clicked on the pricing and product offerings link about (but it was "broken") and I couldn't get back to my post, so I'll try again.

I think it would be great to do a Family Celebration special. The photo shoot duration would be 1 hour and the "offer" would be a storyboard that would be vignettes of the family members put together to tell the "story" of the family. The first storyboard would be discounted maybe 40 or 50% with additional storyboards at 20% off. Offer duration would be until September 1, 2010.

Oana said...

Thanks Bobbie! I fixed the link to my prices.

Neena said...

I would love to see a "Summer in Atlanta" special. The whole family, with emphasis on the kids, outside in one of the beautiful green spaces that Atlanta has to offer. Probably a 1 hour session, definitely to correspond with the summer season, and including polished digital files to share with family around the country. Price to include session fee, with digital photos included.

kim holderfield said...

Daddies cherished sons and daughters and the woman who made it all possible! an hr long session, I see this as a "fun" photo shoot using props that unite dad with his family...for example if the father fishes with his sons maybe do pics with a rod/reel fishing hat, if dad enjoys dancing with his little girls then have stardust princess in his arms twirling around and capture the moment! To me its what connects a dad with his family, it may be a sport, a hobbie or just a casual stroll with wife/family. I think this shoot should carry the essance of connectivity. I recently lost my father and remember our fishing trip together like it was yesterday...these are the things that make and build memories. so this is what I would attempt to do in the shoot! The package should be a family wall photo, a storybook with each child and their father and then top it off with a memory book of the shoot. This is a creative and "fun" shoot aimed at capturing memories shared with dad! (to make it life like the shoot may need to take place doing the father/family activity to capture the "beauty" of the time together.

Julia Stell said...

oh, i forgot in my post to include that the offer expires August 1st.

Oana said...

Julia, I don't think your previous post made it -- looking forward to hearing the details!

Kim Holderfield said...

forgot to add offer expires Sept 30th!

Julia Stell said...

Oops! I'll try again!

A 1 hour session focusing on fun summer activities that families enjoy doing together: biking, swimming/splashing in fountains, gardening, playing outside in general. Activities that incorporate summer activities. The package should be a free 8x10 and a storyboard at 50% off. Offer expires August 1st.

Oana said...

Thanks everyone who entered!

Here is the winning package, per Julia:
one hour photoshoot focused on family Summer fun
one 8x10
50% off any size wall print (11x14 or larger, single image or storyboard)
expires August 1st

cost: $220 (savings of $120-over $400, depending on the wall print size chosen)

Congratulations, Julia! You get this one at no cost! (total value of between $340 - over 600 depending on the wall print you choose)
Congratulations Bobbie, Kim and Neena, since you entered your suggestions, you three have gained access to this special, at $220.

I loved everyone's suggestions!

Email me today to reserve a date, my official schedule is full through mid August, but I will make time for up to 4 such sessions for you ladies, if you let me know soon.

Everyone else who has been reading and has not entered: contact me between now and June 20th to reserve your newborn or creative session (for mid August or later) and you will receive a gift 8x10 from me -- just please mention this blog thread!

Happy Summer everyone,