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Monday, March 1, 2010

New special blog entries: personal Monday, spotlight Friday!

To vary a bit the pace of my blog posts, I will be striving to post something personal on Mondays: could be pictures of my family, little known facts about myself, or answers to questions my readers send in.

Email me any questions (or use the Suggestions tab to the right of the blog page) and I will address them as time allows!

Also, on Fridays, I will shift the spotlight to some of my favorite vendors, or to clients who have unique stories worth sharing. Stay tuned!

To begin, here is a picture from this past Fall, taken in our front yard. I like to say I remember every image I have taken, but I could not recall this one, just came across it as I was looking for something else entirely:

Mary, at 3:

original baby plan photographer atlanta
(disclaimer: she gave herself a haircut a few weeks prior)

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