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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Special extended, and session dates announcement
{holiday photography}

By popular demand the October Special has been extended throughout November.

There are however only a handful of session dates available pre-Christmas, so if you know you want to book a session (especially if you require a weekend date) contact me right away (oana@shutterview.com), don't be left out!

What's a post without a picture? Here is a preview of one of the families photographed during 4 full family mini-sessions days over the past month, each benefitting a worthy organization.

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Cheryl Putnam said...

My name is Cheryl Putnam and I am a mother of four, three of whom are triplets. Kellie Toothman sent out a message to our local triplet group that you are looking for children with red hair for a special project. My two girls both have red hair. My oldest is 10 years old and her hair is more auburn and my youngest will be 8 next month. Her hair is a beautiful red. I was curious about your project and wanted to inquire further for the details. Thank you.

Oana Hogrefe said...

Hi Cheryl, there is more information on my site http://www.shutterview.com, work, Specials, Casting Calls; you can also email me at oana@shutterview.com (not sure how to contact you)