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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Love without borders
{outdoor children portraits}

Ok, so, settle in for a nice story: it's been quite a journey that resulted in bringing these beautiful subjects in front of my lens this past month!

It began in Atlanta, where stunning and sweet Theresa was au pair extraordinaire in charge of looking after babies Mia and Jake for many months. Time passed, the twins grew older, and Theresa had to go back to school in her native Germany.

The kids and their mommies relocated to Michigan. THEN, Theresa came across my website and loved my work. Luckily, she was able to plan a trip back to the States, went to Michigan to see the kids and their parents, got the kids on a plane and came back to Atlanta, to see old friends and - lucky for me - get some great mementos of her reunion with Jake and Mia, as well as some portraits of them at this stage in their lives.

The location is this one-of-a-kind plant farm in Lithonia: New Moon Gardens (looking for a garden designer or some quality plants? Look no further!).

Here are the pictures:

Playful Jake:
twins portraits atlanta Graceful Mia:
holiday family pictures lithonia So nice to have a compasionate sibling!
lifestyle holiday cards photographers atlanta Look at the color of their eyes!
nature location portraits atlanta happy together:
atlanta family portraits unique
outdoor artistic black and white portraits georgia
artistic children portraits in atlanta
lifestyle atlanta children photography outside
same-sex families portraits atlanta


Tana said...

Amazing! Lisa and Lynn are going to flip! Theresa was sweet to do this with you.

Tana said...

Amazing! Lisa and Lynn are going to flip! Theresa was sweet to do this with you.

Kathy said...

Wow. You have a way of capturing moments in time. I miss them.