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Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!! And a present:

A wonderful 2009 to all my blog readers!

As a new year present, here is a sweet wallet giveaway:

To every current client who posts a comment in response to this post during the month of January, I will mail 8 wallets from one of your 2008 sessions (you choose the one or two images)!

To future clients, post a comment too, and I will add on 8 free wallets to the first of your 2009 sessions.

Much joy to you and yours,


Lisa said...

BEAUTIFUL PICTURES!!! Absolutely breath taking. You seem to capture the essence of each individual, I can't wait for you to take our family pictures!

Emily said...

What to say, Oana? You already know we LOVE your work!! Here's to a wonderful 2009 for you and your family...
Much Love,
The Zdans

Damien said...

Best wishes to you, Errett, Roy and Mary!
May 2009 bring you all the professional success you deserve and happyness for everyone in your family.

Toyia said...

Happy New Year Oana. Everytime I look at Milan's birthday pictures I smile. I am so happy that you were able to capture our special moment. I just love your work. I am still trying to get the family pictures in the 2009 budget. I will be calling you soon. I am definitely planning to have you capture Milan's 7th birthday party also.

Kim Manning said...

I'm so glad that we found you, Oana! The photos you've taken of Harvey are so true, meaningful, powerful and beautiful. More than that, they say something about who he is. I feel so lucky that we found you, and that you've been able to capture our son as a baby - I hope we'll have another opportunity to have you photograph our family soon.

it is what i think it is said...

Oh Oana, Our family loved the New Year's cards. Arch's great grandmother called twice to tell us how beautiful it is, and my good friends have all commented at how beautiful the card was. I am so glad that we spent the money and got this card instead of a generic card. IT was well worth it and also spending time with you is always such a pleasure. I think the world of you. Happy New Year to your family,
much love,
The Woodards

Bobbie said...

Oana, You are so talented. The people in your pictures look alive! They look like more than images on paper. It's as though your camera captures the essence of who they are, almost like you can "see" into their souls! And I love the "eye" you have for special effects. Your passion for people shows in every picture take. Keep making the world a little more beautiful! Hugs, Bobbie

Diana said...

Oana, we were lucky to get TWO photo sessions with you this year. You've got such a great way of really showing the joy around you in your photos. Your holidays cards were a hit!

The Lillys

Anonymous said...

We love your work Oana! Your pictures speak volumes about the subject and are very soothing. Thanks for photograhing our family!

-Suchita and Darryl

jenny Willams said...

Well, I can't begin to tell you how wonderful it was for us to have you photograph Amelia this October. You really captured just how special she is to us. (Your slideshow made SEVERAL family members cry!)

Warm regards,

Todd and Jenny Williams